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Things are good.
Bills are getting paid, there's food in the fridge, the car is running. I have my family, friends, and a good job.

And to top things off, I'm having a glass of champagne while watching a cool movie with the windows open and letting the rain air come in.

I love autumn and winter.
Halloween's coming up. :)

Gotta keep focusing on the positive, and fixing the negative.

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The lady from 7 Elephants called me this morning as I was getting ready to go for another interview in the City of Industry. She offered me the position that I wanted, and I accepted.

I start tomorrow.
Helllssss yeahhhh!
It's in Vernon, right off of Soto.
I'm stoked!

But on another note, God is a funny funny wo/man.

I got the job, right, but a couple hours later the Gas guy came and shut us off. Hahaha. Fuck. Now I can't take hot showers or cook. So I guess I'm going to be a smelly anorexic.

bored entry

It's been a really chill weekend.

In other news,
I completely adore Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson.

Oh, and WTF. I am officially now 5'7".
Ugh. I keep growingggggg.

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You know what pisses me off?
He told me he was falling in love with me.
Then the next day he tells some ugly chick that he wants to have sex with her again, just let him know when.
You know what else pisses me off?
I was actually falling in love with him.
I'm a douche.