ashley (untold___story) wrote,

I went away with Carlos this weekend, and it was pretty much amazing. But now hes pissing me off, so I gotta slap him around or something. I don't take bullshit. I'm such a dude.

Off topic, but why are girls so fucking jealous of eachother? And why do we have to throw it in peoples faces that theyre just jealous of us, when in fact, we're the ones jealous and threatened by them? Girls are weird. We're so fucking threatened by eachother, and we can't trust eachother at all, because we really know that we're just going to shittalk about eachother anyway. Sometimes I wish I was a guy, because theyre more rational... to an extent. Actually, fuck it, I like being me because I see all sides of everything. I wish more people were like that, and thought things out before doing it instead of just acting out and making themselves look like fucking idiots.

I do wish I didn't let things get to me so easily, because it just pisses me off.

I'm just glad that 99% of my friends are male.

Sometimes, I just like being me even with all the bullshit I've been through.

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