ashley (untold___story) wrote,

My brother's friends Adrian and JC are cool. 
I had a crazy weekend.  I was in Colton with my mom on Saturday, and we almost died like 3 times on the way over there. Then once we were finally back in LA, we went to this party with my bro and Adrian, but it was raided by the time we got there. Then we headed over to Victor's and were hippies on the lawn, where Oscar then started to sing .."all we are saying.. is give peace a chance" to the sheriffs that came to bust the mexican party that was going on right next door. Funny stuff. Then on Sunday I hung out with Carlos at the beach. It was cute. But then today he pissed me off. I don't like talking to him when he's in a bad mood. I don't take bullshit. And he started throwing all this crap in my face about things, and I didn't even know how to respond. He obviously likes being in control, and I gotta get that ball back in my court. He better fucking stop acting stupid, or else I'm gonna sick some demons on him, haha.

Oh! I saw Mark and Amanda today for like 45 minutes! I missed them! I think we're hanging out tonight, which would technically be Wednesday morning since Mark gets out late, but if we do it should be rad. So, Mark got a car and he stopped by my house to show my mom and I. Then he took me to pick up my brother and JC up at Adrian's. Then we took JC home, and I chatted with Amanda for a bit in the car about asian temples in parks, hahaha. Then I get inside my house and am told to go pick up Bob, so my family packed up and went to pick up Mr. Arellano. Now, my mom, Bob, and I are awake doing a bunch of nothing and acting demonic, haha.

I'm hoping to get a job at Kinkos and join the work force.

It's a crazy life.

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